Adonis Anastasiou as a self-made entrepreneur he started in 1999 from zero, actually with a negative bank balance, and with no other support he manage to climb to the top of the seminar sector. Later on he organized a team and form Adonis Business Academy. After hard work, determination and will power the academy manage to organize the most number of training seminars for three consecutive years in 2013, 2014 and 2015.


Our mission is to assist our clients to achieve their personal and professional goals. Our slogan “Your success is our goal” shows our customer-centric approach with a major aim to generate measurable results for our clients. During our 16 years of operations we have train and help thousands of people who were looking to make a change in their life and in their business.


We offer two line of services:



·         In-house seminars: Participants should be only from one company with 100% subsidy.

·         Open seminars: Participants can be from various companies with 80% subsidy.

·         Coaching: One-to-one training based on your needs.

·         Business Consulting: For company managers.

·         Webinars: Online training through the internet.

·         Facebook Training Videos: Complete training videos series.

·         Sales and Marketing Diploma: Accredited from Institute of Commercial Management of England.



·         Website Development: We develop websites that generate sales.

·         Google Adwords: Advertising in the Google search engine.

·         Google Display Network: Advertising in a network of websites of Google.

·         Social Media Management: We manage your company’s social media.



Maybe is time to stop listening to people who can give wonderful speeches but they can't generate any results for your company and listen to the persons who can.


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Certified Social Media Manager

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