Our Mission

Adonis Business Academy was founded in 1999 with the mission to assist companies to achieve their business goals and generate measurable results. The academy offers approved and subsidized diplomas in Digital Marketing & Sales, Human Resources Management, Business Administration and Office Management. The academy is register at Human Resources Authority of Cyprus with a registration Number KEK000383. The diplomas are approved by the Courseware Institute of USA. We offer in class training, webinars and online courses on demand. For four consecutive years from 2013 to 2016 the academy has manage to organize the most open seminars in soft-skills in Cyprus.

Why Choose Adonis Business Academy

• All training programs are approved at European and International level.
• All trainers have many years of experience in the subject matter that they are teaching.
• All training programs include practical training so that participants can acquire the skills and knowledge required for the specific subject.
• All training programs are focus on assisting participants to generate measurable results for the department of business.
• Completing one of our course increases the chances of employment due to that fact that participants will be able to do the job.
• We have our own research and development department where we apply the strategies and therefore we have first-hand data.


How We Create Our Training Programs

Identification of best practices: All of training material is based on primary sources research so that we can identify best practices.

Adjusted according to the country and specific Industry: After an examination of the specific industry of your company we make the necessary adjustments so that the training material is related to your field.

Customized according to the needs of your company: We can also custom design the training so that the trainees will get the most practical skills that are required for their line of work.

Fun and interactive training: We believe that learning should be fun. For that reason our trainings are highly interactive and are including games, role plays and fun exercises.

100% Subsidy by Human Resources Authority of Cyprus: Since our academy is accredited by HRDA multi-company training programs are subsidized by 80% and in-house training programs are subsidized by 100%. The subsidies applies only for companies based in Cyprus.

Accreditations and Co-operations

  • Accredited Academy
    Adonis Business Academy is accredited as a training academy by Human Resources Authority of Cyprus with a Registration Number: 67
  • Accredited Training Facilities
    Adonis Business Academy has accredited training facilities by Human Resources Authority of Cyprus with a Registration Number: 135
  • Accredited Trainer
    Adonis Anastasiou is an accredited trainer by the Human Resources Authority of Cyprus with a Registration number: 1591
  • Cooperation with Google
    Adonis Business Academy is providing the service of Google Adwords since 2010. Adonis Anastasiou is the first Certified Google Advertising professional in Cyprus.
  • Cooperation with Cyprus Chamber of Commerce
    Adonis Anastasiou is one of the senior trainers of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce.
  • Cooperation with Cyprus Human Resources Managers Association
    We cooperate with CyHRMA since 2010 and Mr. Anastasiou was a member of the PR committee of the organization.
  • Cooperation with Cyprus Coaching Association
    Adonis Anastasiou is one of the founding members of the Cyprus Coaching Association.