Internet Marketing Strategies & SEO That Will Increase Your Sales

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Online Course Internet Marketing Strategies & SEO

Online Course “Internet Marketing Strategies & SEO That Will Increase Your Sales”


Course Description
This course is created for those who want to learn how to promote their product or services through the internet in a way to maximize their sales and leads. Through this easy to follow online course you will learn the key principles of internet marketing, how to create your own effective internet marketing strategy, how to convert visitors into buying customers, how to get potential customers to give you their contact information and how to Search Engine Optimize your website.


No Experience Required
• No experience required
• Suitable for all type of businesses (digital products, physical products, services, B2B, B2C)


By the end of the course you will be able:
• Apply proven internet marketing principles that will increase your sales
• To bring a massive amount of potential visitors to your website
• To apply strategies so that visitors will give you their contact information
• To convert website visitors into buying customers
• To apply strategies that will improve your conversion rate
• To understand the statistics of internet marketing and what to expect from your campaigns.
• To become more effective, efficient and productive internet marketer
• To evaluate your campaigns and take corrective measures
• To create your own effective internet marketing strategy according to your product and services.
• Understand the definition of SEO and why it is important
• Know the different search engines
• Understand how the search engines works
• Know the approved and the non-approved SEO techniques
• Create an SEO strategy for maximizing traffic to your website
• Find keywords with high search volume from your potential customers
• Apply the On-Page SEO methods that it will get rank on the first page of Google
• Use the Yoast plugin for better SEO analysis
• Apply Off-Page SEO methods
• Build backlinks for better page rank
• Create a friendly SEO website
• Avoid methods that will get you penalized by Google
• Use tools for better SEO analysis
• Search Engine Dominate your sector
• Perform an SEO analysis for your competitors so that you get an edge over them
• Create a great blog that will attract readers
• Write an SEO article that will rank on the first page of Google


Useful Information:
Online Course On Demand: You can watch the videos whenever you want.

Training Time: 6 Hours

Access to the online course: 90 days

Trainer: Adonis Anastasiou

Teaching Language: English

Certification of Attendance: It will be sent by email

Free Coaching: You will get 30 minutes of coaching with the trainer.


Investment Of Online Course:
Initial Cost: €298
Discount: €140
Payable Amount: €158 + V.A.T.
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Course Features

  • Lectures 59
  • Quizzes 1
  • Duration 6 Hours
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Students 147
  • Assessments Yes
€298.00 €188.02