Digital Marketing and Sales Diploma

Digital Marketing and Sales Diploma Cyprus

Digital Marketing and Sales Diploma in Cyprus


Program Description:
The Digital Marketing and Sales Diploma was created to provide the knowledge and the methodology to those who want to work in managerial positions in the field of marketing and sales. It consists of five modules-seminars that are going to take place at Adonis Business Academy. All training courses are approved by the Institute of Commercial Management of England. Upon completion of the program the participants will receive the “Digital Marketing and Sales Diploma” which is an additional professional qualification. The training emphasizes the development of modern marketing strategies for maximum brand awareness and business strategies for rapid sales growth. Apart from the academic foundation the training program is enriched with practical strategies so that learners can create and manage social media, build brand awareness and implement accelerate sales strategies.


Approved by the Institute Of Commercial Management UK
The program is approved by the Institute of Commercial Management UK thus giving the validity and reliability of one of the largest educational qualifications bodies. By the end of each seminar participants will be awarded a certification of completion for each seminar and at the end of all five courses they will be additionally awarded the Digital Marketing and Sales Diploma.


Program Subjects
Upon completion of the program the participants will be able:
• To create marketing strategies that will boost their sales.
• To effectively manage social media for maximum brand awareness.
• To implement promotional strategies through the Internet.
• To apply Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O) techniques that will bring your webpages to the top of search engines.
• To effectively manage advertising campaigns in Google Search, Google Display Network and YouTube.
• To implement new selling strategies.
• To prevent and handle objections and closing the sale.
• To effectively manage high performance teams.


Teaching Language:


Educational Modules-Seminars
Some of the seminars are organized more than once every six months giving you the opportunity to choose which seminar to attend based on your professional commitments. However, due to limited number of seats you have to declare the dates of the seminars that you are going to attend. If the dates of a seminar can’t fit into your schedule you can transfer those courses for the next semester.


Training modules for the diploma are the following:
• Certified Social Media Manager (3 Days)
• Certified Google Advertising Professional (2 Days)
• Certified in Internet Marketing and S.E.O (2 Days)
• The Manual Of The Greatest Salesman In The World (2 Days)
• Effective Human Resources Management (2 Days)


Seminars’ Dates – Time – Teaching Language
After registering we will contact you so that you can choose from the options below. In case a seminar is fully booked or the dates are not suitable you can transfer the module-seminar to the next quarter.


Certified Social Media Manager
Dates (Options)               Time                         Location – Teaching Language
14,15&16/2/2018            9:00am – 5:30pm     (Nicosia – Greek) (Fully Booked)
19,20&21/3/2018           9:00am  – 5:30pm      (Nicosia – Greek)   (Fully Booked)
18,19&20/4/2018            9:00am – 5:30pm     (Limassol – English) (Fully Booked)
20,21&22/6/2018            9:00am – 5:30pm     (Nicosia – Greek)  (Europa Plaza Hotel Alkaiou str., 2404 Egkomi Nicosia CY)


Certified Google Advertising Professional
Dates (Options)                  Time                         Location – Teaching Language
10&11/5/2018                   9:00am – 5:30pm     (Limassol – Greek) (Only 9 seats have left)
7&8/6/2018                       9:00am – 5:30pm     (Nicosia – Greek)


Certified Internet Marketing and S.E.O.
Dates                                  Time                       Location – Teaching Language
7&8/3/2018                        9:00am – 5:30pm    (Nicosia – Greek) (Fully Booked

11 & 12/6/2018                 9:00am –  5:30pm     (Nicosia – Greek)  (Only 8 seats have left)


The Manual of the Greatest Sales Person in the World  (Europa Plaza Hotel Alkaiou str., 2404 Egkomi Nicosia CY)
Dates                                  Time                         Location – Teaching Language
21&22/5/2018                    9:00am – 5:30pm      (Nicosia – Greek)


Human Resources Management
Dates                              Time                             Location – Teaching Language
15&16/3/2018                 9:00am – 5:30pm        (Nicosia – Greek) (Fully Booked)


Prepaying for the Digital Marketing and Sales Diploma you also get the following extra bonus:
1. Training so that you can create your own website value of €200. The hosting of €180 per year is not included.


Limited Number of Seats
Due to a limited number of seats buy your ticket online from the bottom of this page.


Subsidy from Human Resources Authority of Cyprus (HRDA)
• All the seminars have been approved by HRDA. The companies that will participate with employees, and are eligible, will pay a reduced amount. Eligible are employees of companies, municipalities, semi-government organizations who pay social securities. When you make your registration we will send you the appropriate form to be filled by the employer.
• Unemployed, self-employed and government officials are not eligible for the subsidy but we have a special offer for them from €1,578 to €580+V.A.T.


Initial Fees: €1,578 + (V.A.T. €299.82)
Minus Subsidy: €1239
Payable Amount: €339 + (V.A.T. €299.82)

Start Time

9:00 AM

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Finish Time

5:30 PM

Friday, June 22, 2018


Adonis Business Academy