Webinar “Employment Law in Cyprus”

Seminar Employment Law in Cyprus

Webinar “Employment Law in Cyprus”


Seminar Description:
The aim of this seminar is to present a detail analysis of the legal framework of the employment and labour law in Cyprus. Also we are going to show practical applications of the law by the businesses and present court decisions on the subject.


By the end of the seminar the participants will be able:
• To better understand and apply practices that comply with the following:
o Legislation for the terms and conditions of employment
o Legislation for Organizing Working Time
o Legislation for part-timers
o Legislation for limited time employment
o Legislation in case of business transfer
o Legislation of annual leaves
o Legislation of maternity leave
o Legislation of parental leave
o Legislation of equality of employment and other (sexual harassment)
o Legislation of equal pay
o Legislation of health and safety at work
o Legislation of termination of employment
o Legislation of
• Understand the duties and responsibilities of inspectors
• Understand cases of court concerning labor disputes


Webinar “Employment Law In Cyprus”
Webinar: Online Live Training
Date: 7 & 8/2/2022
Time: 9:00am – 5:30pm
Training Language: Greek


Adonis Anastasiou


Registration includes the followings:
• Educational material
• Certification of attendance


Limited Number of Seats
Due to a limited number of seats available you have to do your registration in advance. You can buy your ticket at the bottom of this page.


Subsidy from Human Resources Authority of Cyprus (HRDA)
The training has been approved by HRDA. The companies that will participate with employees, and are eligible, will pay a reduced amount. Eligible are employees of companies, municipalities, semi-government organizations who pay social securities. When you make your registration we will send you the appropriate form to be filled by the employer.


Investment For Unemployed – Free
Persons who are register as unemployed are allowed one free seminar every year if they bring the relevant permit from the Public Employment Service office.


Investment For Self-Employed
Initial Cost: €298
Minus Discount: €140
Payable Amount: €158 + (V.A.T.€30.02)


Investment For Employees
Initial Cost: €298 + (VAT €56.62)
Minus subsidy HRDA: €238
Payable Amount: €60 + (VAT €56.62)


More Information and Registrations
For more information and registrations just fill the form below and one of our consultants will contact you.


Start Time

9:00 AM

February 7, 2022

Finish Time

5:30 PM

February 8, 2022