Seminar “Employment Law in Cyprus”

Seminar Employment Law in Cyprus

Seminar “Employment Law in Cyprus”

Course Description:
The aim of this seminar is to present a detail analysis of the legal framework of the employment and labor law in Cyprus. Also we are going to show practical applications of the law by the businesses and present court decisions on the subject.


By the end of the seminar the participants will be able:
• To understand the legal framework of employment and labor law in Cyprus.
• To operate their business within the law
• To know court decisions concerning employment disputes


Adonis Business Academy
16D Lordou Vironos Str.
2062 Strovolos, Nicosia
(Next to the Basketball Court of Keravnos)


30 & 31/5/2019


9:00am – 5:30pm


Training Language:


Adonis Anastasiou
Elena Hadjidemetriou

Elena Hadjidemetriou is an approved trainer by ANAD, level 5, specialising in fields regarding Human Resource Management.
She graduated from Panteio University in Athens and is a holder of a Sociology degree as well as master’s degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Central Lancashire in the UK.
After her studies, she worked as a Human Resource Manager for many years in a big private company which employed more than 500 people. In addition, Elena gained valuable experience working for other smaller companies in Cyprus.
Beyond her experience in Human Resources she is also specialised in labour legislation gained through her duties and responsibilities as a Human Resource Manager.

During her career, she has dealt with all types of labour legislation providences, both practically as well as theoretically and was present in many rehearsals at the Court of Labour, which had to do with labour management issues affecting modern businesses.
As a Human Resource Manager, she had to deal with many labour issues, for example personnel dismissals, redundancy matters, allowances and workers’ rights, redundancy payment denial from the referent fund etc. In addition, she managed the necessity to stress the responsibilities the employer had to provide information to all its employees regarding the working legislation relevant in Cyprus for both employers and employees.
For these reasons, seminars are considered important, since they aim to improve the quality of the implementation of the Cyprus legislative framework for working conditions in contemporary businesses through a complete and targeted procedure.
Elena Hadjidemetriou’s target as a trainer is to analyse all the demands which revive from working conditions that exist in all businesses regardless of their size or their fields through interactive training seminars. During the seminar attendants have the opportunity to give and exchange ideas, opinions and experiences based on successful case studies coming out from real case rehearsals which were taken to the courts because of labour rights differences. What one gains from these seminars is how theory turns out in real practise situations.
The seminar contents include the basic and most important workplace laws and will state them in a clear and understandable manner. As a consequence, participants will have gained deep knowledge and understanding of the legal framework in labour relations. The methodology provided will become a valuable tool in practising labour relations law in the present and future.


Registration includes the followings:
• Educational material
• Certification of attendance
• For those who would like to include meal there is an additional charge €30+V.A.T.


Limited Number of Seats
Due to a limited number of seats available you have to do your registration in advance. You can buy your ticket at the bottom of this page.


Subsidy from Human Resources Authority of Cyprus (HRDA)
• The training has been approved by HRDA. The companies that will participate with employees, and are eligible, will pay a reduced amount. Eligible are employees of companies, municipalities, semi-government organizations who pay social securities. When you make your registration we will send you the appropriate form to be filled by the employer.
• Self-employed and government officials are not eligible for the subsidy but we have a special offer for them from €333 to €195 +V.A.T.
• Unemployed are allowed one free seminar if the bring the permit from the office where they register as unemployed.


Investment: €333 + (V.A.T. €63.27)
Minus HRDA Subsidy: €238
Payable Amount: €95 + (V.A.T. €63.27)


Start Time

9:00 AM

May 30, 2019

Finish Time

5:30 PM

May 31, 2019


Adonis Business Academy