100% Subsidized Seminars For Your Company

100% Subsidized Seminars

In-House Seminars

In-House Seminars
In-House seminars are those designed according to the needs of your company and only the employees of your company can participate.

100% Subsidy from Human Resources Authority
In case you would like us to create an in-house training seminar exclusively for the employees of your company just fill the application form at the end of this page and we will do the process so that you can get 100% subsidy from Human Resources Development Authority (HRDA). To organize an in-house seminar exclusively for your company the minimum number of participants is 8 and everyone should be register as an employee to your company at social insurance.

Process of Implementing an Inhouse Seminar with 100% Subsidy.

  1. Fill the form and specify the titles of the seminars that you are interested.
  2. We are going to assist you in the preparation and submission of all the paperwork necessary for the subsidy. All documents must be submitted to HRDA at least 3 weeks before the implementation of the training.
  3. Before the implementation day, HRDA will inform you concerning the amount of subsidy. Our academy will send you an invoice equals to that amount.
  4. At the first day of the seminar you should pay the invoice with a same-day cheque.
  5. We will assist you with the submission of all the documents that are necessary after the training so that you can get 100% subsidy.
  6. Within 3-4 months after the submission of all documents HRDA will deposit the whole amount at your business bank account.

Subjects for In-House Seminars

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